FlightControl Permissions

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Parts of the permissions in ALL CAPS are placeholders for what is asked for.
Eg. If the permission has WORLDNAME in it, you should replace WORLDNAME with the name of the world.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask them on the Support Discord.

Important Permissions

flightcontrol.adminAbility to use FlightControl administrative commands (automatically given to OPs)
flightcontrol.bypassBypasses all flight restrictions and always allows flight
flightcontrol.category.CATEGORYControls flight based upon the defined category
flightcontrol.tempfly.CATEGORYUses the category when the player has tempfly
flightcontrol.flyallAbility to automatically fly in all regions that are not disabled

Optional Permissions

flightcontrol.flyspeedAbility to set flight speed
flightcontrol.flyspeed.othersAbility to set flight speed for other players
flightcontrol.tempflyAbility to give temporary flight
flightcontrol.tempfly.checkAbility to check other players' temporary flight information
flightcontrol.tempfly.othersAbility to give temporary flight to other players
flightcontrol.fly.WORLDNAMEAbility to fly in a certain world
flightcontrol.fly.WORLDNAME.REGIONNAMEAbility to fly in a certain region
flightcontrol.nofly.WORLDNAMEDenies flight in a certain world
flightcontrol.nofly.WORLDNAME.REGIONNAMEDenies flight in a certain region
flightcontrol.nearbypassBypasses the "nearby_disable" check